Saturday, March 12, 2011

Random Sunday

Please hype this in lookbook here :)

I had this photo taken before going to church a while ago. This is such a random photo! I don't usually take pictures of my sunday dresses because I pretty much keep repeating what I wear but, I felt like doing a random photo today. I know, so random. What's wrong with being random anyway? haha

Anyway, I found out today that I'm OFFICIALLY NOT going to Singapore. For some reason, It really wasn't meant for me. My flight was supposed to be on the 20th of March and I was supposed to stay until March 30th but I need to complete my LR-DR (labor room-delivery room) scrubs before summer classes start. Awful way to start my vacation. Pretty sad about it and the fact that my boyfriend spent for my ticket makes it even worse. 
Jealous that my mom's going to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur two weeks from now for a business trip and guess what? She's meeting with my boyfriend too! He'll prolly be touring them around the City while I'll be sitting here wishing I was with them.

Haiz :(