Tuesday, June 7, 2011


This is a super late post but I just had to post it because I had such a fulfilling and enriching experience while I was in Siquijor with the Church Youth.

My Aunt from the States sponsors this event yearly which is a 2-day activity for Children and it's my first time to join!

We taught some little children Bible stories with fun fun activities!

Served Food and had games too!

At first I was hesitant to join but then if I didn't join, I could have missed something really important in my life. The joy of sharing the good news to these youngsters was something I would gladly do all over again. It's like I fulfilled a deeper spiritual calling that I think everyone should do.
What really touched me was when they asked me if we would still be around the next week. I knew they wanted to learn more about Jesus and nothing beats listening to Bible stories right?
 It's just sad that children like them are more interested in learning about the Bible while adults (who have access to almost any information) do not appreciate how important it is.
I just hope I could go back and share more :(