Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Langga is back!

Remember my former posts about someone coming home? Yup!
Thine2x was given one week vacation from training and flew back home!
Met him on the night I arrived home from Cebu. Imagine my face when I saw him when I went out of the bus!

Had dinner with the gang!

Dinner at Hayahay :D

Ate lunch at Cafe Antonio which caters to one of the best coffees in town.

Half pounder burger

Bolognese :)

My special oreo crepe! It was super deli!

Had dinner at Moon Cafe. One of our favorite restaurants :)

Before he left, we had lunch with his family at Moon Cafe again. I can't get enough with the food here! :)

Drove him to the airport. I hate this part :(

Smiling despite the pain of saying goodbye.

Bye langga! see you really soon...
And Congratulations for passing the Singapore Civil Service Sergeant Course!