Sunday, August 14, 2011

We visit papa!

I knew I had a lot of exams the week after this but I couldn't say no to an opportunity such as this!

Traveled by myself to Cebu to be with the whole family! My papa's ship was anchored for the first time in the Philippines. My mama was there earlier and Ate had to catch the afternoon boat ride since she had a photoshoot later that day.

Mama and Papa are so cute! They are trying the "Jack and Rose" scene from the Titanic..hihi

 We are in the so-called bridge where all the magic happens :)

Papa's ship carries coal (a source of energy) from other countries and store them inside those huge orange warehouses at our back. They use those gigantic lifters to pick them up for loading.

There were about 4 plus of these on the ship :D

Ate arrived late at night. I wasn't able to tour with her since I fell asleep in papa's cabin.

Here, we're getting ready to go to the City. We went to church and then to SM afterwards. 

 I had such a great weekend! 

PS: I arrived at Dumaguete at about 11:00 PM and guess who I saw when I went out of the bus? :)