Sunday, October 9, 2011

Finals week

Because of my laziness, I am once again pilling-up pictures of 2 weeks worth of blogging!
I was just too busy because of the final exams so I just loaded one post of all the things I did during the last 2 weeks of classes.

Portal Pictorials marked the start of Finals week.

And after pictorials, we went to Sarah's house to celebrate her birthday.
We surprised her with her favorite cupcakes!

Used violet kreme sticks on top of the cupcakes to write our message

And, I drank tons of Nescafe Mochas to keep me awake during study time :)

Also spent coffee breaks with my Jaggers to keep the stress away :P

Planned for Mark's birthday too!

And surprised him at his home!

And lastly, we had our Colloquium! It took us weeks to prepare for this and it was all worth it!

I was the first speaker and honestly, I was nervous to my bones!

After our presentation, we had lunch at Mang Inasal courtesy of Franz and Colleen. 
And we were surprised by the lovely a1! (coz we are the October celebrants)
Thanks guys!

whew! watta week! :)

P.S. i still got classes tomorrow and one exam left. What a great way to spend my birthday :) haha