Saturday, October 1, 2011


Finally the day has arrived for our Portal Pictorials! 
What I dread the most about this moment is the possibility that I may not graduate and all the preparation for the pictorials would just go to waste. But despite that, I tried my best to take those negative thoughts away and look forward to the shoot.

I actually did my own make-up, Just keeping it real and simple  :)

So before I headed to the studio, I took some pre-shots of my outfit.
All the Senior students had to wear something Black or Red for their personality outfit and obviously, I chose the color which suits me the most: vavavlack :D

Well, the day went fine and I really had fun with the pictorials because of my lovely CI group who were there. I just hope the photographer won't choose those awkward poses he told us to do. haha.
After the shoot, we went to my classmate's house to celebrate her birthday. More photos soon.