Thursday, March 29, 2012

Graduation Silliman University

After 4 years of waiting for this day to come, I have finally made it!

With my classmate for 8 years :)

My beloved CI-group of 2 years!

My sister and Mom wearing from the same color palette.

My afternoon dress which I got from Bianca's.

My heels are from Singapore courtesy of Thine. I love every detail of it!

Of course, with my handsome Thine2x, who after this, left me and skipped the whole ceremony. hehe

Here I am with Silliman Univeristy's President, Ben Malayang III. I have this "bungis-ngis" face again! haha

My proud mama! Papa was not able to come because He is currently out of the country working hard for us but I know he too is very proud. 

My super Lolas also visited Dumaguete to attend my graduation. Unfortunately, both of my Lolo's were not able to come due to health issues but I know they're praying for me :)

 And of course my ever supportive boyfriend who gave me the most beautiful bouquet of white roses. You're always the sweetest! <3

I can't fathom how happy I am and I know a lot of graduates are also feeling the same way. I believe nothing is impossible with God so I bring back all the glory and honor to HIM. And of course to my family and friends, you all know that all of you have been a blessing to me! So Cheers!