Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy bday Dheb!

Celebrated Dave's birthday at Gabby's with some high school friends.

The birthday boy himself!

It was raining that night and I had something in my eye (stupid eye brow liner) but I still drove without hesitation. Good thing I arrived at one piece! Here's a picture of me with my so-called "puling" at my left eye. Notice its reddish color.

Here is a picture of the people who came: me, Cybelle, Julia, Rizza and the birthday boy

And Mark, our photographer for the night doing the pose he calls "headache" :P

Here's a peek at our menu for the night:

Dessert, our favorite!

Digging on the oreo bonanzza.

 Finally the rain ceased and we had few shots at the beautiful venue.

Thanks for dinner dave!