Friday, December 3, 2010

Not champions anymore!

The Intramural games are one of the most awaited activities of the school year especially in Silliman University. Students are busy practicing for their games while others are psyched on the long vacation they are gonna have. On the other hand, nursing students are busy making their respective pompoms to cheer for their players. 

I spent watching the games with my CI group because we needed to and had fun booing the CON's opponents (haha!).  

Made our so-called clappers in a Local department store's food court.

And used it to cheer for our "pambato" in the Men's basketball team. Despite our efforts, they didn't win and ended at 4th place.  

Had karaoke with my friends too and ended with a sore throat because of all the shouting.
I also watched the awarding ceremony and the dance sport competition but was disappointed because our college didn't bag the first prize and the over-all champion wasn't CON anymore. But what was more disappointing was the fact that it was back to reality once again. Classes resume the day after and even duty days are finally here. Cheers to more nights of lack of sleep! :(