Saturday, February 26, 2011

College Week 2011

Feb 13-19 (late upload)
A week long celebration of Silliman University College of Nursing. 

The week was started with a sunrise service at our Campus church. I actually wasn't able to wake up at 5am in the morning and I ended up very late. 

We went to Connie's to a have an early filipino Breakfast.

Here's a picture of my CI group. We've become so close! :)

At the afternoon, we had a FUN DAY.  It was spent with lots of games!
All year levels had to compete against eachother in each game. And guess who were the over-all champs?
The Juniors (yey!)

We pretty much didn't do anything but take pictures.
Guess our sporty attire wasn't much of a use.

After the games, we went to McDonald's to eat a sundae.

The college week wasn't so much fun since we still had duties at the hospital.

We stopped by Country bakers for some Brunch!

Celebrated Valentine's Day with them too!

It was also my BFF's birthday and we decided to surprise him with donuts!

I had such a fun-filled busy week but now it's over, I have to concentrate on more projects ahead of me.

Do I look stressed? haha. will post more posts soon. :)