Sunday, February 27, 2011

Runway Bash

Bash party themes:

freshmen: whimsical
sophomores: bohemian
JUNIORS: classic chic ♥
seniors: avant garde

Since I don't know what classic chic really meant, I decided to wear something a little vintage with a touch of femininity.  I wore a chiffon dress that had a beige shimmering pencil skirt (yes, it's actually attached to each other). And to add a little spunk to the outfit, I had my booties on, pearl-ribboned necklace (which I borrowed from mommy) and I also wore lace gloves.

It took me about an hour and half to curl my hair! Piece of advice: don't curl your hair with the air conditioning on. Anyway, I also added a cute plastic daisy on my hair to make it gurly.

My friends and I ate dinner at Qyosko before the party.

There were a LOT of performances that night. Sadly, the juniors did not win the runway competition. But hey, everybody looked great that night except for some teachers who didn't follow the themes.

Picture taking with my CI-mates

Credits to Sarah for the pictures.

A1 girls complete! From the left: Karen, Eve, Micca, ME! Camilla, Colleen and Sarah

There were many awesome costumes that night but catching them for a short picture taking was hard.
At least we had a few.

This dude was wearing a Cosplay costume. I'm pretty sure he wasn't a nursing student.

With Cromwell :)

With my highschool friends: Julia, Rizza and Dave :)

Credits to Ms. Sarah again for this picture of me riding a pedi :P

T'was a memorable night indeed! Can't wait for next year's Bash party.