Saturday, April 2, 2011

What a week!

I finally did it! I finally decided to have bangs for the second time around. Honestly, I really don't look good with bangs but I wanted to try something different for a change. I wanted to get my hair colored but Thine said I can do it when he gets back from Singapore. So, there I did it. Looks okay right? haha

And here's how it looks if I tie my hair. 


Moving on, enrollment week was VERY stressful with all the clearances, the subjects I had to drop and add at the same time to fit my LRDR completion schedules. So to relieve the so-called stress, I had two days of pigging out! I know, I forgot my diet for these two days but what the hell! haha

Dave, Franz and I headed to Qyosko to have an afternon snack.

We didn't really agree on what to order but we all bought desserts. A chocolate mousse cake, oreo mousse cake and I had (as usual) a blueberry cheesecake.

Here's Dave!

And franz!

The next day, I went back to school again to drop my subjects and tagged JH, Franz and Dave with me to have lunch. We ate at Mandarin located at Rob. We ordered plenty of food like different kinds of steamed rice(from chicken to shrimp), and thanks to my bestie JH (who fortunately had lots of money on that day) who ordered a shark's fin side dish, corned beef, halo2x  and  even a century egg which didn't taste so good. After, we strolled around the mall to kill time before going back to school.

After all the hassle and bustle of the enrollment, we had snacks at Flamin Grill but we didn't have any photos taken. Too bad. But I was delighted I was able to finally taste their burgers and also treated myself with a nutty banana crepe!

And after the eating session, we decided to drive to Tierra Alta for sight seeing. Unfortunately, a disaster happened when we arrived there and here's the evidence:

Yep! My car officially needs repairing. haha. I don't want to share the details as to what actually happened because it's kinda embarrassing. But one thing's for sure, My mom's NOT mad with the damages to my car. HAHA. I know! I was even shocked at first but with the help of JH, Dave and Franz's alibi, I was saved!

I need to get this car fixed fast!

Till next time! :)