Friday, December 30, 2011

Red Hot


Bianca's heandband and shorts, Mom's old Red polo, Parisian Glittery Heels, Singapore watch, Trendsetter accessories

The holiday season is the best time to wear the color RED- and I am no exception. I love how this color stands out even with the simplicity of the other garments and accessories that I wore. And let's not forget the touch of glitters on my heels, which by the way, are also a trend this time of the year!
This photo blog was supposed to be published on Christmas day but since I was not back home from my hiatus in the province, I opted to do it now. 

Tomorrow's gonna a busy day for everybody and I too got my hands tied down to baking stuff. When I say stuff, I mean a LOT. haha. I just love Holidays! Hope you do too :)