Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Bash as Snow white

Hello there! I'm Snow.. short for snow white! haha

Our College week has arrived once again and the highlight of the celebration is our annual Bash party! Here is the opportunity of each student in our college to dress-up according to their year level theme. So for the seniors, we were required to wear something that was part of a play or theater.

As what I've said in my last post, I already had something in mind to wear. But due to the late announcement of the theme, I had to do a last minute research.  Everybody wanted to do the burlesque theme so I thought of something different.. way way different. And yeah! decided to be snow white, my all-time favorite disney character haha

With Esmeralda

With my pretty A1 and Sir Pax :) 

Sarah from "Cats", Micca as Miney Mouse, Eve as Barbie,  Snow White, Karen as Queen of Hearts, Camilla as Red Ridding Hood and Colleen as a Burlesque dancer

With Audrey Hepburn and some of the members of High school musical. hihi

With my high school friends at labeled.

Cheers to my last bash party! :)