Monday, April 9, 2012

Keep Dreaming

Bianca's Earings and Sequined clutch, So Fab leopard print pumps

This dress is very familiar to me because I wore it about 3 years ago in my debut. I remember how I fancied it so much during that time. And since my sister and I designed it, I love it even more. Just recently, I laid my eyes on it after rummaging my closet for dresses and thought it was high time to wear it after all these years (and also because I had nothing to wear) to my friend's debut. 

Imagine a picturesque landscape under the starry night and you'd find yourself in Tierra Alta, the place to be that night. I felt at ease and breeze with the view and how the program turned out to be even though we were fabulously late. Fireworks plus the flying lanterns ended the party and it somehow brought me to another of my magical imaginations. It did "kind-of" gave ideas about my future wedding which is actually a bit sad because I am so not ready for that yet. But hey, every girl dreams of their wedding at some point in time. I'd love it to be as magical as what I felt  that night.

Well, Happy birthday again Sasha!