Sunday, August 5, 2012

Same Old Same Old

It's funny how nobody really changes through time even no matter how hard they try. They try to change their philosophy, their interests or even their personality but they still stay the same. 

I recently got a comment from my Tita that I had the same hobby when I was still in my childhood years. I fancied dressing up when I was little using old curtains and what not, even used my mom's or Aunt's heels to look the part. It came to the point that my sister had to take the blame for the damaged shoes and heels (she even had to kneel on mung beans and salt as punishment..haha). Imagining that scene made me burst into laughter! I came to realize, I'm the same person after all, happy go lucky with life and just enjoying what life has to offer.

So smile, laugh and be who you are. Don't change yourself according to the status quo. Be different, not the same face in the crowd. 

Sheer long sleeves and shorts from Bianca's, Pumps from So Fab