Friday, August 17, 2012

The Sun

 I have been a nocturnal geek for about 2 weeks due to my work schedule and it has left me a bit dull and lazy. The sun has not touched my skin for quite a long time ever since I stepped into the realms of being a workaholic. Which is why I am a bit worried because Vitamin D is important for calcium absorption and I am absolutely a milk lover. Okay, what am I blabbering about again. haha

 I miss the sun! No matter how I force myself that I love gloomy days or rainy days like those in movies such as twilight, Snow White and the Huntsmen or even the horror flick, The Ring, nothing beats a sunny day! It gives you a feeling that you can do anything and go anywhere you wanna go.  It shies away all the negativity around you and make you just plain happy. They say it's because of the hormone melatonin which is highest during sunny days and helps with the happy feeling.

In this mini shoot, I'm trying to be my usual self. And thanks to my ever loyal photographer, my sister, I was able to do my jumping slash dancing moves. haha. Looking at these made me miss my dancing days way back in College. 

So enjoy the sun while you still can! Have fun! :)