Saturday, January 7, 2012

Seminar and Positivity

Red Polo from Trendsetter, Thrifted furry skirt, Gold watch Guess and Leopard print pumps from So Fab

Just a simple business attire for our Seminar in school and I admit that the heels made ze outfit come to life. I know, Leopard shoes are not appropriate for formal events such as our class Seminar but what the heck. I'd rather wear something different and uncomfortable than anything else. Anyways, it was a long day at school and I was assigned to skirt the table (see second photo above) and give the introduction for the guest speakers. 

Speaking of school, two more months and I am finally graduating!
I was not suppose to say this because it might get jinxed. I still have a lot to comply before I end the life of a student (I still have an impending OR scrubs to complete) but it doesn't hurt to have a bit positivity in mind. Besides, I also need your prayers guys!

PS. Thanks Karen for taking the photos! :)